“And the soul, if she is to know herself
must look into the soul and find
what kind of beast is hiding…” – Kim Moore

A residential retreat at Tyddyn Retreat in Mid Wales. Come dive into poetry, movement, sharing, swimming, dancing, resting, breathing and being. Be the lioness that lazes, the wolf that howls, the bee that dances, the badger that hides, the bird that flies….or something else entirely!?

This is an invitation to enter a process of rewilding from the inside, of allowing our animal body to express, our broken voices to speak and to step out of time and to remember…who I am when I am not answering to my name?

The Wild Soul Retreat is for you if…

– You are someone who feels a pull towards a more intimate connection with your own body and aliveness
– You are often looking after others and really need some space to reconnect to yourself
– You often get tired and depleted in winter and you want a retreat to help nourish you at that time of year
– You enjoy the company of other women and would love a female only held space to spend a few days in
– You are a bit afraid of women only groups and would like the chance to turn towards that fear and see what is possible in women only groups that you have not yet experienced
– You have done lots of soulful work and want to go deeper
-You have done very little soulful work, but would like to do some and have never made the time
– You love nature, good food, swimming, music, movement, time to reflect
– You want to begin/continue to tap into your wild, feminine nature and liberate your own unique expression
– You have always wanted to do Butterfly but cannot travel to Sheffield each month, but could spare 4 days for a retreat
– You have previously done Butterfly and want to continue with the work in a residential space
– You would like to start 2022 in a meanigful way in the company of others
– You crave a space to Remember. Reclaim and Reconnect.Ultimately, this is the chance to step outside of normal life and ask the question,
“Who am I if I don’t have to answer to my name for 4 days? Who am I if I stop having to achieve anything? Who am I if I move in a way I have never moved before? If I sound in a way that I didn’t know I sounded? If I open to what is here? If I make space for me to just be?”.

My intention is to provide a space to become more intimate with yourself, to dive into your depths in the company of a women’s community, away from it all and back into the arms of nature.

If all is welcome, what arrives?

About the Space

The retreat is held in the magical Tyddyn Retreat, high in the Cambrian Mountains – the most unspoilt and wild landscapes in Wales. Stunningly converted stone barns – filled with light and natural materials, a stream running through the landscape, a stone circle, a pond to have a dip in and a beautiful practice space. Our chef is my good friend, Kirsty who is a culinary Goddess and a valuable presence on any retreat. Tyddyn is the perfect place to rewild and nourish your soul.

With covid it feels like such a long time since we could come together in community in this way. This makes this retreat all the more special. Places are limited to 10. Contact info@carlymountain.com to book.

£635 for 3 nights accomdation, food and all sessions. Payment plans are available on request. There are just two spaces remaining.

Your place in the circle is waiting.

Love Carly