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Women’s Soul Retreat February 3rd -6th 2022

on July 23, 2021 No comments

“And the soul, if she is to know herself
must look into the soul and find
what kind of beast is hiding…” – Kim Moore

A residential retreat at Patrick Brompton House in Yorkshire. Come dive into poetry, movement, sharing, swimming, dancing, resting, breathing and being. Be the lioness that lazes, the wolf that howls, the bee that dances, the badger that hides, the bird that flies….or something else entirely!?

This is an invitation to enter a process of rewilding from the inside, of allowing our animal body to express, our broken voices to speak and to step out of time and to remember…who I am when I am not answering to my name?

My intention is to provide a space to become more intimate with yourself, to dive into your depths and as my teacher Kim says “rattle the cage of your personality”, to ask, who am I if I don’t have anyone to answer to for 4 days? Who am I when I breathe deeply? Who am I when I meet the eye of another woman and feel my emotions move? Who am I if I open to resting, switching my technology off and just being?

If all is welcome, what arrives?

About the Space

Patrick Brompton Hall is a beautiful countryside home about 1.5 hours north west of Sheffield, in the Yorkshire Countryside. With roaming grounds, a stone circle, huge trees, a heated indoor swimming pool, amazing food and a beautiful light studio space with wooden floor and fire place. The perfect space to cocoon inwards at the end of the winter.

Cost: £645 earlybird if paid in full by 1st September after that £695 per person. £100 non-refundable deposit to secure your place (+£60 for single occupancy room with shared bathroom) just afew spaces remaining. Contact info@carlymountain.com to book.

Carly MountainWomen’s Soul Retreat February 3rd -6th 2022