My Mission

“Facilitating women to become more intimate with their body, sexuality, voice, creativity and an instinctive knowing rooted in the earth. Changing narratives from the inside out”.

The main threads of my work include, Embodiment, Integrative Psychotherapy, Psychosexual Somatic Therapy, Poetry Medicine, Breathwork, Intimacy and Leadership. In 2014 the Butterfly Mystery School was birthed and has become a home for women who are foraging for another way.

I offer sacred spaces for women’s community and bespoke 1:1s online and in person in Sheffield, UK.

A feminine path of remembering, reclaiming and reconnecting.

The Butterfly Mystery School

Butterfly is a grassroots women’s community based in Sheffield, journeying into the landscapes of intimacy, emotional healing, embodied spirituality, sensuality and connection. It is a potent process of remembering the deep feminine path that again and again leads us home to ourselves and the earth.

Many yogic and spiritual paths focus on perfection, achievement and getting somewhere else. This creates a split between what we think we should be and what we really feel. The feminine path asks us to be right here, to admit and open to our all of our feelings. She asks that we stop trying to change ourselves and allow ourselves to be changed.

Remember. Reclaim. Reconnect.

Carly offers bespoke 1:1 sessions online or in person in Sheffield

Bespoke 1:1 Sessions

  • Carly offers sessions to support you in your life and relationships.
  • Carly has also worked for many years with therapists, yoga teachers and change makers to integrate new frontiers in their leadership and themselves.

All of our relational patterns, though often rooted in childhood experiences are alive in our lives, here and now. The energy of these patterns attracts us to certain people and pathways in life, in ways that are helpful to us and sometimes ways that are painful or debilitating. Carly has a unique, embodied, relational approach that seeks to support you to trust what is currently emerging, so that it can be felt and integrated for a greater sense of aliveness.


“Butterfly offered a deeply held space where I could process and express safely. I came alone and left with a loving community, techniques for being my own container and an embodied practice that offers insight and support in equal measure.”


Muna, Butterfly

“Carly welcomed me into each session with ease and a sense of spacious waiting. I felt transported to somewhere deep within me. Her insight was life altering and her methods kind and inviting. My body was often left vibrating with the energy of discovery and with an eagerness to connect deeper and more authentically with my own self and sexuality.”


Hannah, 1:1 Client

“I could have had 20 years of therapy but I would never have had the mirror of all these women to reflect other ways of being connected to myself, community and deep knowledge of the feminine in all its shades and complexity.”


Kate, Butterfly

“I felt the benefit from a session with Carly within 10 seconds of our meeting. Carly helped me to explore struggles I wasn’t able to recognise or articulate and showed me a way to begin healing. I felt that my healing journey deepened after just one session.”


Pippa, 1:1 Client

Women's residential retreats. Online and in person courses

Events & Courses

Carly holds short courses and events online and in person, and residential retreats for those who wish to dive deeper. To keep up to date with new offerings sign up to connect below.


Carly sends out a newsletter once a month with updates, insights and info on courses and events interwoven with poetry.

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