Hi I’m Carly. I am a writer, psychotherapist and women’s initiatory guide. I facilitate women at all ages and stages of life to remember, reclaim and reconnect with their sensual, emotional, embodied aliveness and instinctual knowing that is rooted in the earth. I draw on twenty years of embodied practice, training and space holding and have a trauma informed approach.

Please note: Unfortunately, I am not currently taking on any new clients and my waiting list is closed until summer 2024. However, I have many resources here to explore.

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New book Descent & Rising By writer Carly Mountain

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Descent & Rising | Women’s stories & The embodiment of The Inanna Myth

When our lives fall apart we often feel broken, ashamed and deeply alone. But what if you knew, as you experienced this descent, that it was mapped out in a myth thousands of years old? What if, despite the uniqueness of your own life and experiences, each stage of the process was universal? The journey of descent and rising is the core initiation of the feminine – the heroine’s journey – one travelled by billions of women before you.
I stumbled across the Inanna story during my own descent and was astonished by the symmetry it held with my own lived experience. Since then I have devoted to my life to working with its teachings and specialise in beholding others as they traverse the changes and challenges of the heroine’s journey in their daily lives.

“The heroine’s journey is an erotic, mystical initiation that revivifies our place in the shape of things…The fodder of our descents provides the compost from which the richest fruits of our lives can grow. If only we can turn towards our pain and let it work in us.”

Descent & Rising Online Retreat

The Descent & Rising Online Retreat happened in April 2023 as a part of the launch of my book. But it remains live as a free resource to accompany the book. Click the link below to sign up to access all retreat material and recording of the live call Invoking Inanna with Carly that closed the retreat. These conversations are an invitation to find solidarity in your experiences, tend to your longing and unveil the wisdom inside of you. There was such a great response to the talks that Carly has decided to continue them through this year. So once you sign up you will recieve a new conversation into you mail box on new moon each month.

Together we can honour our descents and dare to RISE.

Descent & Rising Online Retreat with Carly Mountain


Due to the overwhelming success of the online retreat, Carly continued the Descent & Rising conversations through the rest of 2023 with inspiring guests offering new insights month by month. Covering topics such as, the mythic masculine, the astrology of Inanna, getting to know the inner perpetrator, waking to the dark and more…

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Remember. Reclaim. Reconnect.


Descent & Rising is a summons, a companion and a map to the deep self that is essential in this perilous moment of our personal and planetary history. Carly Mountain has created a masterpiece, seamlessly and sensitively weaving threads of intimate personal narrative with ancient myth, modern science, psychology, poetry, spirituality and more. Perhaps the greatest gift that Mountain transmits is an uncanny intimacy with Inanna herself. Here is the companion many of us have longed for as we feel our way through the darkest moments of our lives. I enter these pages alone and emerge rooted in a community of wisdom that not only spans the globe but reaches back in time to the ancestors and forward to those who will come after us, carrying the medicine of these teachings in their cells.

Kim Rosen, author of Saved by a Poem: The Transformative Power of Words

Reading Descent & Rising is to be invited into an ancient lineage of feminine wisdom, which for many of us perhaps was forgotten, but as we discover through this rich and insightful book, was never lost. Carly weaves magic as she illuminates the timeless intelligence of one of our oldest goddess myths through the lens of real-life underworld experiences. The result is a wise, warm and engaging companion for those of us who have been through a painfully deep ‘underworld’ experience, and a sanctuary for those who are being stripped to their core. Let Carly, Inanna and Ereshkigal guide you, step by step, gate by gate, as you descend and discover your very own heroine’s journey.

Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer, authors of Wise Power: discovering the liberating power of menopause to awaken Authority, Purpose and Belonging.

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Descent & Rising Online Retreat with Carly Mountain

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