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Weekly therapy sessions allow a confidential held space for you to turn towards what is arising in your life. Carly’s waiting list is currently closed but will likely reopen in autumn 2024 so please email then if you are still looking for therapy.

Carly has a unique, intuitive, embodied approach that is relational and seeks to support you to trust what is emerging, so that it can be felt and integrated. She specialises in seeing the patterns underneath what is unfolding in your life and sitting alongside you as you meet what is arising.

How do sessions work?

Many people come to sessions saying that they have had talking therapy but now want to integrate their body into the process. Others come to me first off and that works too. In my experience, we can work to change behaviour, but this approach often means working against the body and striving to get somwhere else. Instead, I invite you to begin where you are, to allow yourself to be honest about where that is and from this place we have a ground from which to work.

What that looks like in practical terms varies from person to person. Together we will discover what works best for you. This will include some talking interwoven with somatic listening and there are many ways that I can faciliate that. Many people are often suprised by what unfolds and name that it is unlike any other sessions that they have experienced before.

I specialise in

  • helping people to deepen relationship and trust in their body
  • relationship/relational issues with yourself or others and usually both
  • listening to what is arising in your life
  • facilitating leaders, changemakers, teachers and therapists to trust their unique voice and how to offer that to others
  • being with emotions and facilliating contact with emotions that may be more difficult to feel
  • excercises that may shed light on what is underneath a pattern/issue/situation
  • freeing the voice
  • freeing sexual energy and working with specific sexual issues
  • freeing creativity
  • helping people recover from religious trauma
  • helping people process trauma
  • facilitating mothers coming home to themselves after having a baby
  • processing birth trauma, loss of a baby or abortion

Training and Credentials

Some of my most important learning has happened off the beaten track. I am very grateful for my Teachers and Guides who have helped along the way. Primarily, Kim Rosen, John Hillman and Jules Heavens.

Almost a decade holding sacred women’s work.

Twenty years of working with embodied practice specialising in working with survivors of sexual abuse, menstrual consciousness, women’s sexuality, emotional healing and voicework.

4 Year Professional Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy including training in working with trauma.

2 years Clinical Psychotheraputic practice at Share Psychotherapy Sheffield.

Psychosexual Somatic Therapy (PST) Training

8 years Leadership and Intimacy Training with Kim Rosen

200 hours Breathwork Facilitator Training with Kim Rosen

200 hours Yoga Teacher and Tantra practitioner (British Wheel of Yoga certified)

External Examiner and Teacher on Yoga Kula Teacher Training Programme

Chauvutti Thirumal Practitioner (Yogic Insitute India)

Two of my best teachers are my daughters. Being a mother is the teaching of a lifetime and informs so much of what I bring to my work.

“Now I understand that there are two melodies playing, one below the other, one easier to hear, the other lower, steady, perhaps more faithful for being less heard yet always present”

– The Second Music, Anne Lighthart


“Carly welcomed me into each session with ease and a sense of spacious waiting. I felt transported somewhere deep within me. Her insight was life altering and her methods kind and inviting. My body was often left vibrating with the energy of discovery with an eagerness to connect deeper and more authentically with my own self and sexuality”

Previous Client

How I work and Timings

Once we begin the therapy slot is yours for as long as you need it. I offer long term work which really allows the work to be relational and in depth. Or sometimes people prefer a shorter term arrangment to hone in on a specific issue. I offer everyone I haven’t worked with before a free 20 minute discovery call where we can speak about your needs and see if we are a good fit. Contact me to enquire about this.

My working hours are Tuesdays and Fridays 9-3pm BST I offer sessions online and in person in Sheffield UK.

Stay Connected

Carly sends out a newsletter once a month with a new descent & rising guest and info on courses and events interwoven with poetry.