Butterfly Practice

“I want to unfold, I don’t want to stay folded anywhere because there I am a lie” – Rilke

The Butterfly Course uses movement, mudra, poetry, voice, creative enquiry and partner work to deepen intimacy with ourselves and liberate our natural expression.

It is a 3 year course that runs for 6 months of the year. Participants are only required to commit to one year at a time. 


The course centres around relationship to ourselves and other. Once the year begins the group is closed to newcomers so that women can really get to know each other and travel together. Many women find that working with a group of women who share and support their journey is one of the most nourishing aspects of the course.

The goal of the course is to deepen intimacy with yourself and your inner wisdom through daily practice. The backbone of the practice is the Butterfly practice and in addition we will learn other sister practices to bring greater freedom and awareness of our being-ness. The course includes, yoga, movement, mudra, yoga nidra, poetry, voice, creative enquiry and partner work. Since each woman is unique you will each gravitate to different aspects of the practice and over time you can uncover a personal practice that is perfect for you and one that can evolve with your life.

Many yoga and meditation practices opt for a sense of calm as the preferred state. But this kind of practice never fully satisfied me, I could never understand why in order to be practicing “correctly” my emotional field had to be calm. So this course creates a space where emotional expression is welcomed and is seen as a vehicle to awakening. Sometimes we are in deep calm and silence other times dancing wildly, laughter and tears are all welcome. Our stories can hold the doorway to our deep wisdom and guide us forwards in our own unique journey.

Everything about the way women are set up is unique. For example, did you know that the pathway through which each woman reaches orgasm is completely unique. For men, physiologically it has been shown to be a much more linear pathway, but women all have very unique patterns of arousal. Women are not linear we are cyclical and changeable and wild. On the Butterfly course, this is welcomed and celebrated creating an environment where you can explore new grounds of being.


“There is an eternal light, and right out in front, shining ahead of a woman, like a presence which goes a little bit before her and reports back to her what it has found ahead. It is her perpetual reconnaissance…Yet when ones sees and senses, thusly, then one has work to do something about what one sees. To possess good intuition, goodly power, causes work. It causes work firstly in the watching and comprehending of negative forces and imbalances both inward and outward. Secondly, it causes striving in the gathering up of will in order to do something about what one sees”

Clarissa Pinkola Estes


The Butterfly practice itself is a sacred feminine mudra practice (a hand gesture that moves energy around the body in specific pathways) rooted in Tantra, Kundalini and Kriya yoga. It is a deeply potent practice which helps to improve awareness and tone of the pelvic floor, awaken sexual energy and unblock the body. This and the sister practices taught to complement it, can release habitual patterns of holding which prevent us from accessing our full life force. This course invites us into dialogue on all levels of our being. Weaving and interweaving a journey of soul exploration which in many ways both large and small can liberate and empower your natural abundant nature.

The old patriarchal systems that we are living in are not working and our state of inbalance is destroying the planet. The Dalai Lama has said “the Western woman will save the world”.  There is a strong new wave of feminism and feminine communities are cultivating more awareness and essential change in the world.

“What if…..our negation of the feminine principle was responsible for climate change?…The shock (of disconnection form the Earth) needs to melt so that the locked up energy is made available to the creation of the world we actually want. If we don’t feel it, if it doesn’t become personal, then nothing will change. This vital ancient and very present grief is the lubricant of behaviour change. Feel it and you will no longer be able to collude with it.”
-Clare Dakin, Founder of Tree Sisters


Through relationship…Living in patriarchal society the dominant narrative is male, this has created an inbalance. This inbalance undermines our collective wisdom to the detriment of all beings. Both men and women have masculine and feminine energy and the negation of one, undermines the other. This course is about honouring both the sun and moon energy within you, to bring about greater sense of wholeness or union.

Spiritual practices are usually inherited though family or community. Or they spring up in times of need, when circumstances demand that we grow deeper trust/faith in that which goes beyond what we can currently see. Finding more ease in our discomfort with the unknown is a key part of the practice. Spiritual practices in and of themselves are essentially useless but what they yield is essential. And that is love.

“Spiritual practice are unlimited – and they are imaginative. And especially full of love. They come from love, they encourage love and they produce love. When you do them over time you find that you are living in a world full of love. And for your life and for our lives collectively in the times to come we are going to need love – lots of love. In good times, love is lovely. Nothing can be better. and in hard times, love is necessary. It turns tragedy into opportunity – something difficult and unwanted becomes a chance to drive love deeper, to make it wiser, fuller, more glorious and more resilient”.
-Norman Fischer


Year 3 and Year 1 Courses are currently full. New Group starting 2018. See below for details.

The Butterfly Practice – Year 1

In the long term it is my intention to work with mixed sex groups on this work but currently, I am only offering womens groups. If you are a couple who are interested in learning together please contact me.

Both current courses have started and are full. There will be taster days in Autumn 2017 and if there is enough interest, a new Year 1 intake in 2018. Please contact Carly to register your interest.