The Butterfly School

A place where women can Remember. Reclaim. Reconnect.


The Butterfly Mystery School is home to circles of women who wish to whole heartedly welcome all aspects of themselves. All women at all ages and stages of life are welcome. It is a process of deepening intimacy with your voice, body, creativity, sexuality, vulnerability and strength.

For too long we have followed narratives that tell us to work harder and change and reshape ourselves to a world whose tempo does not honour our natural rhythms. We have been asked to dominate rather than partner with what is here. Butterfly is a space that asks us to come home to what is underneath this reshaping. To ask who am I if I open to my own way to start this conversation? The best place to begin is where you are. From this ground, the ground we are standing on, we can meet ourselves and begin to feel what is longing to be felt.

Butterfly is a mystery school that holds deep reverence for that wisdom which is both embodied within us and beyond us. Through movement, mudra, poetry, voice, yoga nidra, breathwork and creative enquiry this work invites us to new frontiers within ourselves, helping build courage to relinquish what we are not to become more of who we are and always were.

There are currently no new Butterfly groups planned until 2024.

I want to unfold, I don’t want to stay folded anywhere. For where I am folded, there I am a lie. ~ Rilke


Descent & Rising – the course

In my darkest night I found the Inanna story and it saved me…..time and again I see parched women drink from it’s nectar and begin to thrive.

Autumn 2023 will see an in person retreat to accompany my book Descent & Rising. We will delve into the Inanna myth, poetry, movement, breathwork and creative enquiry in a women’s sacred circle.

More about this to be announced in 2023. Sign up to my mailing list to be the first to know.

I hope we can work together soon,


Book Section 

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“Butterfly offered a deeply held space where I could process and express safely. I came alone and left with a loving community, techniques for being my own container and an embodied practice that offers insight and support in equal measure.”


Muna, Butterfly

“Butterfly has deepened my life in so many ways – possibly in ways I cannot quantify or verbalise. I feel more connected to myself and it has helped me to prioritise myself and my wellbeing. Connecting to my body and inner knowing, sharing this experience within the group has been very supportive and transformational, it has been so powerful to share this experience and learn from each other”


Cordelia, Butterfly

“I could have had 20 years of therapy but I would never have had the mirror of all these women to reflect other ways of being connected to myself, community and deep knowledge of the feminine in all its shades and complexity.”


Kate, Butterfly

“Butterfly opens your heart, soul and womanhood. It enhances every fibre of your being and wakes up the sleeping beauty within. It brings out awareness of the of the magic insights of poetry and draws out individual creativity.”


Moira, Butterfly