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NEW! Yoga Teacher Mentoring Course For Autumn 2017

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As yoga teachers, we are not required to have supervision but actually working alone can be quite challenging and isolating. As we teach and continue to hone and integrate our skills there can be many questions arising which go unanswered or get lost along the way. 

This course is a way of holding consciously the questions, and deepening the layers of your listening as a human, a teacher and a perpetual student of yoga (as all good teachers are!). It will support your self-practice, your creative process, your teaching practice and your relationship to your deepest essence that weaves the thread of those parts of you into union. The course will ensure that within a busy life and work schedule that you leave specific time and space to continue your own yoga journey with support. Each session will have a theme as the basis and from there we will co-create a session that is responsive to where you are at and what is needed.

 Course Themes and Dates

Session 1 –  9th September – Fear, Doubt and Creativity – What are your fears? What do they point towards?

Session 2 – 7th October – Authenticity – Deepening connection with the essence of what you bring.

Session 3 –  11th November – Embodied practice – union and the subtle body – How does the space you hold resonate?

Session 4 – 2nd December – Self practice and Teaching practice – Living practice and walking the prayer.

Session 1 and 4 will run 12-5pm Session 2 and 3 will run 12-4pm (in the event of a small group all sessions will run 12-4pm)

Costs and How To Apply
This course is designed for those who already have a teacher training certification as ongoing development. It is suitable for seasoned teachers and fledglings alike. No matter where we are on our journey, we all hold fears and doubts, challenges and awakenings. Having a held space to share these can create a cauldron of creative juice that feeds us all. 
Places limited to 6 people commitment to all 4 sessions is required. £220 for 4 sessions/earlybird rate £198 if booked and paid by July 10th.

What does that include?
– 4 mentoring sessions with a small group so you can have your individual needs met
– Ongoing support between sessions by email or text
– Buddy sessions with another member of the group with structured guidance
– CPD certificate at end of the course

All applicants will be asked to submit a short piece of writing (around 500 words) about what lead you to train as a yoga teacher, what joys and challenges you have met so far and the reasons why you wish to do this course. If you have any specific questions please email me and we can set up a time to skype or speak on the phone. To apply email info@carlymountain.com. 

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Carly MountainNEW! Yoga Teacher Mentoring Course For Autumn 2017

Butterfly Taster Day Autumn

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Full Moon Love on this beautiful Rose Moon.

I have already had enquiries about the next Butterfly intake. So I am planning a new Year 1 group to start January 2018. Dates will soon to follow. There will be a taster day at Yoga Kula in Leeds on 21st October 2017 and it is now open for booking. For more information and to book please click here.

Love Carly


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Carly MountainButterfly Taster Day Autumn


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The thrash of the tiger
Is held so quietly within
the stillness of her striped form.
Soft muscularity,
Terrifying black, gold beauty.

Would my hand dare caress
Her silken curves,
Her pulsating chest,
The vicious magnificence of her passion,
Deadly and divine
With no transgression
Sensuous jugular enclosure
a powerful embrace,
Enters the darkness in rapture
Overpowered by grace.

Meditative feline
Stalk the deepest depths of being
Heart roars, erect claws,
Mortal flesh trembling.
Golden mirror of my soul
I know you could consume me whole
Untamed beast flying wild
She honours her nature
Like an innocent child.

What is the mirror that you hold
Hidden in your black and gold
Devoted to your enticing grace
Your ferociousness holds no distaste
You hold the power of the passion
Unashamed and unrationed.

If I am you and you are me
We are the perfect symphony.

~ Carly Mountain

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Carly MountainDurga

Pregnancy Yoga

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Join me at the beautiful Nether Edge Studio for a nurturing pregnancy yoga. Classes centre around deepening listening to your body and baby and the natural wisdom of the dance that only you two know how to do together. Simple yoga movement, voice and a deeply restorative Yoga Nidra practice.

This class is unique in that it is limited to 4 women per class. Current block Wednesday 27th March – 17th May inclusive (no class 13th or 20th April). Pre book only £54 for 6 weeks. If you are 37 weeks plus I am happy for you to pay as you go.

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Carly MountainPregnancy Yoga

Springing Back…..

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Spring is springing and the daffodils are singing! And after a slow and restorative start to the year I am rekindling the fire of my yoga practice.

And from May the Friday morning class will be back 9.30-10.30am at the Nether Edge Studio starts May 5th – 16th June inclusive (no class on 2nd June) £60/£54 concs. Initially, as I ease back into teaching this will be a slightly gentler format with a Yoga Nidra to finish. Spaces limited so book early to avoid disappointment.

NEW! Dancing Bubbas – a postnatal Dance and Yoga class for Mums and Babies.

I will also be offering a Dancing Bubbas class – this is a fun postnatal class for Mum and babies. Starting with dancing with the babies in slings, followed by some yoga and specific pelvic floor work. And then tea! The perfect way to reenergise tired Mums. Starts Wednesday 3rd May – 24th May 11am – 12.15 inclusive £36 for 4 sessions.

Wishing you a wonderful start to spring.


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Carly MountainSpringing Back…..

A Journey…

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A journey makes us vulnerable,

takes us from our more secure environments and commits us to the unknown.

Perhaps this is why the journey has so often been our basic

metaphor for life itself. Our life journey is a precarious

pilgrimage, a passage through landscapes of promise and

peril, a crossing from the darkness of the womb to the

shadows of death. We travel in the hope that the light

will not fail to guide us, that the star will not be lost,

that homecoming will be granted and love not witheld.

– Thomas Merton

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Carly MountainA Journey…

Holy Wings

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Holy Wings

The dark cocoon of heartbreak is vital ground.

Through that devastated shipwreck appear the wings of spirit.

The second birth canal,

whose rivers deliver us back to the heart of it all.


In the ruthless light of day,

One bridge burns,

And we are no longer our fathers daughters.

The stretcher we wake up on carries us through the thickets of soul towards a new beyond.


Heartbreak for one, becomes a grieving for the whole world.

Our embryonic heartbeats,

compel us to build new bridges,

Bridges that hum to the song.


We remember,

and our footsteps tough the ground tenderly in their authority.


The bridge to God is built through a sincere heart,

And no heart is more sincere,

than that of the unwitting warrior who has found her yes,

who cannot possibly remain folded.


She who being broken in two is delivered back into one with everything.

– Carly Mountain

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Carly MountainHoly Wings

Butterfly Course Taster Day 16th October 2016

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Would you like a flavour of what the Butterfly Course offers? Then come and join me for this taster day in October. The taster will include yoga based movement, creative enquiry, time to chat and ask questions on the course starting next February and a yummy vegetarian lunch.

Date: Sunday 16th October

Time: 10.45-5.45pm

Where: Instinctive Health, Sheffield

Cost: £40 full/ £35 concessions lunch included

For more information and to book please visit the Instinctive Health Website places limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.

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Carly MountainButterfly Course Taster Day 16th October 2016

The Butterfly Course 2017 – taking bookings now!

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Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginning

That is at one with your life’s desire.

Awaken your spirit to adventure;

Hold nothing back,
learn to find ease in risk;

Soon you will be home in a new rhythm,

For your soul senses the world that awaits you”

For A New Beginning by John O’Donohue

The Butterfly Course is an invitation to soul dive into the mystery and joy of sacred feminine practice.  Using mudra, yoga, poetry, movement and creative enquiry this course creates time and space for you to move, feel and breathe your way into a deeper intimacy with your body, soul and natural abundance. It is an opportunity to deepen your listening to the language of your body and soul, share space with other women who wish to do the same and uncover whatever it is within you that wishes to unfold.

The backbone of the work is the sacred Butterfly Mudra practice. In Year 1 we will learn the short form. The full mudra sequence can take 3 years or more to learn so this first year is an introduction to the practice. You will be invited to do a 10 minute daily self practice at home in between sessions which other women have found invaluable, often in ways they never expected.

In addition to the mudra work, we will also explore other sister practices to bring greater freedom and awareness to the layers of our being-ness. Since every woman is unique so you will each naturally gravitate to different aspects of the practice. For those who already practice regularly at home, this course can offer ways for you to enhance or deepen your practice and those new to self practice can uncover a personal routine that is perfect for you and one that can evolve with your life.

Many women find that one of the most enjoyable things about the course is having other women to journey with, providing a sense of support and community which can be invaluable.

The course will start and finish with two 2 day non residential intensives in Sheffield. Though the intensives are non residential, if possible, I invite you to clear your weekend and dive deeply into the work and some time for you. If anyone is travelling from outside of Sheffield, I can help you arrange accommodation that is very low cost or possibly free of charge.

This year I am excited to announce that I will be assisted by Cordelia Gray, an Integrative Arts psychotherapist (UKCP reg since 2006) with many years experience working creatively with different people and issues. Cordelia has also completed 3 years of the Butterfly work with me and is now going onto her 4th year. I am thrilled that she will be joining us.

Dates 2017:

Opening retreat Feb 11th-12th 10-5pm and 10-4pm

March 19th 10-5pm

April 30th 10-5pm

May 21st 10-5pm

June 11th 10-5pm

Final retreat 8th -9th July 10-5pm and 10-4pm

Places limited (maximum 12 women) so book early to avoid disappointment. I have really tried to keep costs down to make this course a possibility for all. At the moment, I envisage being able to offer a sliding scale fee so that you pay whatever you can afford. The minimum payment being £385 – £495. And if you pay in full by December 1st an early bird rate of £375. These figures are based around a smaller group, if it works out that a few people pay the higher rate or we have a large group then I hope to be able to offer a further reduction on cost. I don’t wish for money to be a prohibitive factor so please contact me if you need to discuss a further reduction.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to me directly please feel free to email me info@carlymountain.com and we can arrange a time. I so look forward to sharing this transformational practice with you.

With Love, Carly

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Carly MountainThe Butterfly Course 2017 – taking bookings now!