Poetry & Voice Work

“Poetry is the language of your innermost self, where the grit of your humanness meets the grace of your vastness” – Kim Rosen.

Poetry has the ability to reach through our habitual thought patterns to the heart of things. In this way it can behold and be our witness through some of the most difficult times in life. It can also encourage us to step into unknown landscapes of ourself, and allow us to contact expression, or insights previously unseen.

I have spent years working with poetry as medicine and also as a way of working with the voice. I experience the voice as an instrument of the body, it holds our experience, habits and there is so much in what we do and don’t say. Through working with the voice we can open the door to a deepened relationship with we consent to, how we express ourselves, how we are an advocate for ourselves and potentially widen our capacity for freer expression.

“I have faith in all that is not yet spoken,

I want to set free my innermost feelings,

What no one has dared to long for will spring through me spontaneously”

– Maria Rainer Rilke

Poetry Coaching  – How does the session work?

This process takes a minimum of four 1hr sessions. In the first session, you bring a few poems that are touching your life at present (I can help with this if needed) and we discuss the poems and how they are currently speaking to you. Through this you can feel into which poem is the one to work with and you then journey with that poem for the four sessions.

During the session, together we explore your expression, voice, insights and experience as it unfolds. This is not about performance or speaking the poem “better” rather, that the poem creates a pathway into intimacy and experience of what is arising from within.

Some days the sessions will be energised and full, at other times perhaps stiller and more restorative or anywhere inbetween. As with a yoga session it is very much about being present to the moment and the energy that is moving through at that time. Kindling a connection with the flow of life within you as a form of awakening.


Poetry Coaching Sessions 
Are 1;1 and cost £165 for 4 sessions 1 hour sessions. I can offer sessions via zoom online or in person at my studio in Nether Edge. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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