Embracing Autumn – Poetry & Yoga Nidra Evening Saturday October 7th 2017

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The transition into Autumn is a perfect time to stoke the inner fires of your creativity with this evening of Poetry & Movement. We will begin with Dancing (5 rhythms-esque) through to a Poetry Dive, which is a really simple and evocative way of experiencing poetry, followed by time to write and possibly share. Finally settling down to a sumptious Yoga Nidra to finish off.

You don’t need to know, like or even particularly enjoy poetry to take part, this is a really delicious way of releasing your creativity through a cocktail of movement and words so if you feel intrigued, I encourage you to come along and give it a go.

As part of my thrid year working with Kim Rosen, she asked me to create a Poetry based event and this is the result. It is donation based evening in aid of the SHE College Fund which helps young women at the VDay Safe House in Kenya (after fleeing FGM) go onto get a College Education. It’s great work and I am pleased to be able to support it in any small way that I can, but I can only do it with your help. So please come along and bring your friends!

Booking essential please email to book your space. Hope to see you there.

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Carly MountainEmbracing Autumn – Poetry & Yoga Nidra Evening Saturday October 7th 2017

NEW! Yoga Teacher Mentoring Course For Autumn 2017

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As yoga teachers, we are not required to have supervision but actually working alone can be quite challenging and isolating. As we teach and continue to hone and integrate our skills there can be many questions arising which go unanswered or get lost along the way. 

This course is a way of holding consciously the questions, and deepening the layers of your listening as a human, a teacher and a perpetual student of yoga (as all good teachers are!). It will support your self-practice, your creative process, your teaching practice and your relationship to your deepest essence that weaves the thread of those parts of you into union. The course will ensure that within a busy life and work schedule that you leave specific time and space to continue your own yoga journey with support. Each session will have a theme as the basis and from there we will co-create a session that is responsive to where you are at and what is needed.

 Course Themes and Dates

Session 1 –  9th September – Fear, Doubt and Creativity – What are your fears? What do they point towards?

Session 2 – 7th October – Authenticity – Deepening connection with the essence of what you bring.

Session 3 –  11th November – Embodied practice – union and the subtle body – How does the space you hold resonate?

Session 4 – 2nd December – Self practice and Teaching practice – Living practice and walking the prayer.

Session 1 and 4 will run 12-5pm Session 2 and 3 will run 12-4pm (in the event of a small group all sessions will run 12-4pm)

Costs and How To Apply
This course is designed for those who already have a teacher training certification as ongoing development. It is suitable for seasoned teachers and fledglings alike. No matter where we are on our journey, we all hold fears and doubts, challenges and awakenings. Having a held space to share these can create a cauldron of creative juice that feeds us all. 
Places limited to 6 people commitment to all 4 sessions is required. £220 for 4 sessions/earlybird rate £198 if booked and paid by July 10th.

What does that include?
– 4 mentoring sessions with a small group so you can have your individual needs met
– Ongoing support between sessions by email or text
– Buddy sessions with another member of the group with structured guidance
– CPD certificate at end of the course

All applicants will be asked to submit a short piece of writing (around 500 words) about what lead you to train as a yoga teacher, what joys and challenges you have met so far and the reasons why you wish to do this course. If you have any specific questions please email me and we can set up a time to skype or speak on the phone. To apply email 

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Carly MountainNEW! Yoga Teacher Mentoring Course For Autumn 2017

Butterfly Introduction Day Autumn on 21st October 2017

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Full Moon Love on this beautiful Rose Moon.

I have already had enquiries about the next Butterfly intake. So I am planning a new Year 1 group to start January 2018. Dates will soon to follow. There will be a taster day at Yoga Kula in Leeds on 21st October 2017 and it is now open for booking. For more information and to book please click here.

Love Carly


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Carly MountainButterfly Introduction Day Autumn on 21st October 2017


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The thrash of the tiger
Is held so quietly within
the stillness of her striped form.
Soft muscularity,
Terrifying black, gold beauty.

Would my hand dare caress
Her silken curves,
Her pulsating chest,
The vicious magnificence of her passion,
Deadly and divine
With no transgression
Sensuous jugular enclosure
a powerful embrace,
Enters the darkness in rapture
Overpowered by grace.

Meditative feline
Stalk the deepest depths of being
Heart roars, erect claws,
Mortal flesh trembling.
Golden mirror of my soul
I know you could consume me whole
Untamed beast flying wild
She honours her nature
Like an innocent child.

What is the mirror that you hold
Hidden in your black and gold
Devoted to your enticing grace
Your ferociousness holds no distaste
You hold the power of the passion
Unashamed and unrationed.

If I am you and you are me
We are the perfect symphony.

~ Carly Mountain

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Carly MountainDurga

Pregnancy Yoga

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Join me at the beautiful Nether Edge Studio for a nurturing pregnancy yoga. Classes centre around deepening listening to your body and baby and the natural wisdom of the dance that only you two know how to do together. Simple yoga movement, voice and a deeply restorative Yoga Nidra practice.

This class is unique in that it is limited to 4 women per class. Current block Wednesday 27th March – 17th May inclusive (no class 13th or 20th April). Pre book only £54 for 6 weeks. If you are 37 weeks plus I am happy for you to pay as you go.

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Carly MountainPregnancy Yoga

Butterfly Course Taster Day 16th October 2016

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Would you like a flavour of what the Butterfly Course offers? Then come and join me for this taster day in October. The taster will include yoga based movement, creative enquiry, time to chat and ask questions on the course starting next February and a yummy vegetarian lunch.

Date: Sunday 16th October

Time: 10.45-5.45pm

Where: Instinctive Health, Sheffield

Cost: £40 full/ £35 concessions lunch included

For more information and to book please visit the Instinctive Health Website places limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.

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Carly MountainButterfly Course Taster Day 16th October 2016

Coming out as…grey

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For 20 years no less, I have polluted my system with hair dye.

I’m done. I am taking my masks off. I do not want to pollute my system or our water with those chemicals anymore. I am done with the violence of the beauty industry, to the earth, to animals and to myself.

Change is life. And to age is a privilege.

If we are to walk a life of meaning we must do just that, walk it. And there are many ways to do that. We are after all transmitters and I find myself asking everyday “What do I want my transmission to say?”. So many people have said “you are so brave”. But isn’t it odd, that it is brave to be natural, to be seen as I am? I have finally realised that to let the earth shine through me is the most beautiful I could ever be. It’s not conventional, it requires a letting go of looking to those ideals for a sense of worth.

Ultimately we hold the keys to our own cages. Age brings wisdom. Women as they ripen into the autumn and winter of life are often mocked for being menopausal, or are “traded in for a younger model”, get the sack whilst their male counterparts work on in their distinguished gentlemanly aging. And we perpetuate it with surgery, hair dye, dieting, grasping outwardly for some resemblance of summer that we think will make us desirable, empower us and make us feel we have a place. I am not saying that enjoying looking after our appearance is wrong, it can be a beautiful way of taking care of ourselves. But, it is worth checking in with who we are doing it for and what our choices are based on.

You can’t grasp power from outside, you tap into it from the inside. We are abundant, we are earth, we are love.

So enter the reign of the wolf, the wild, the free.

Grow old with grace. And be the change you wish to see.

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Carly MountainComing out as…grey

The beauty of a shell

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The natural beauty of a shell. My daughter was looking at this this morning and she said thoughtfully, “Sometimes I look at shells and think they are so beautiful that they can just have appeared, they must be ‘man-made'”.

To which I instinctively replied, “But the most beautiful things in life cannot be made by humans…they all come from nature. Natural things are the most beautiful of all”.

What we show speaks as loudly as what we say. Society values human made objects so highly and often to the detriment of nature. The so-called beauty industry sells the idea, primarily to girls and women that we must do so much to ourselves in order to become beautiful. So many Mums in the playground with eye lash extensions that on a timeline at my little ones preschool a child had included “put her eyelashes on” as part of her morning routine. Our children absorb everything and it subconsciously shapes them.

I dye my hair, I shave my legs…..there are some things that I cannot yet relinquish. But more and more, I see that we are being sold an empty shell of what a woman can be. And I wonder what could be more beautiful than letting nature shine through us? That women could once again be valued, protected and cherished as an expression of mother earth. That perhaps would be the most beautiful union, respect and liberation.

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Carly MountainThe beauty of a shell

Beachtime practice.

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I rarely practice handstands…but was messing about on the beach with the kids. And surprised myself, I went up fully expecting to fall out within seconds but there I stayed….

When you work from the root of practice peeling back the layers to the base of asana, using seemingly simplistic sequences and movements and repeating them daily, what I have found is that without realising your practice deepens signifcantly. But because it happens slowly, you barely notice. The dots join on the deepest level…. So when you return to what are generally viewed as advanced yoga postures you find (as I did yesterday and do so repeatedly) that you have unconsciously been building more strength and connection than you realised. Not by grasping for it but by listening, feeling and allowing.

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Carly MountainBeachtime practice.