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Begins Thursday 19th November for 4 weeks online 6.30-8.30pm GMT

In this time of coronavirus and restricted sociability why not bring your date night home this autumn? This is an invitation to create a sanctuary within your home to cultivate and open to new possibilities and nourishment for you and your relationship.

“Our intimacy muscle is atrophied” ~ Kim Rosen

Within our culture we are rarely taught the language of intimacy, so we enter relationships blind and forage for it along the way. It doesn’t have to be this way. This course invites you as a couple to devote to spending some conscious time togther. The gift of it being online is that you can be within a supportive container and in the comfort of your own home at the same time!

Though these pratices may be used to cultivate erotic connection the course will not contain any explicitly sexual content.

Over four evenings we will travel into the language of intimacy and connection. We will use Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent to create a foundation for the course and cultivate a growing awareness of how to bring this consciously into your relationship. We will explore simple, accessible practices that help us embody the wheel of consent, enjoy time together, foster honest expression and hone our verbal and non verbal ways of relating. Helping you to ease into time out of time as a couple.The group will be limited to ten couples to allow time for sharing and reflections.

Who Is The Course For? Anyone who is in a relationship who wishes to explore intimacy, touch and communication.

  • It’s so easy in the busy-ness of life to lose time for each other and if you live together it can be so easy to become housemates rather than lovers, but perhaps you are longing for more?
  • Or perhaps you have really good intimacy but would like some new ideas to spice it up or go deeper.
  • Or perhaps you are in a new relationship and want to create a really good foundation for relating.

This course is designed to meet you where you are at and offer you different ways to be together.

Couples of all sexual orientations are welcome.

The aim is not be become more perfect in our relating, but to become more human in our relating. 

How Do We Do This? By increasing our capacity to meet our edges and tolerate discomfort and by learning that our vulnerability is the doorway to intimacy. Therefore, whilst this course will hopefully be enjoyable, you may also meet some edges within it. This is often where the juice and deepening happens. Relationships can become the crucible for change and growth in our lives if we let them…..Our aim in this course is to support you to support each other.

Please note that each week will build on the last, so couples are asked to ensure they can attend all four sessions before signing up.

Dates and Times ~ Thursdays 6.30-8.30pm GMT Begins 19th November – 10th December
Online zoom sanctuary. Since this is the courses maiden voyage it is offered at the special price of £99 per couple (one payment for both of you). You can book online here

About Carly

Carly MountainFrom a young age Carly has been fascinated by relationship. She has taught yoga and embodiment for 18 years and has worked with tantric practice within her work and personal relationships throughout this time. She is also a Poetry Medicine Carrier, Breathworker and a teacher of Embodied Spirituality. For the last 7 years she has studied with Kim Rosen in the language of intimacy and relationship, learning how to relate from a place of deeper integrity and honesty and how to support others in this journey. Up till now this work has mainly been held within the Butterfly School for Women, but now Carly will bring some of these teachings to facilitate her work with couples. Carly is currently finishing her training as an Integrative Psychotherapist and Psychosexual Somatic Therapist which she will complete in 2021.

Carly will be assisted by her husband and partner of 15 years James Mountain. Carly and James have explored the ups and downs of relationship through their marriage and raising their two daughters. They practice conscious intimacy as a part of their commitment to being together and look forward to sharing some of the fruits of this with you.





The Couple Sanctuary Course will include ~
– Teaching on Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent
– Ways to down regulate the nervous system individually and together and why this is important for relationship
– Exploring communication through the listening heart practice and what this can teach us about ourselves and our relational patterns
– Excersizes that explore touch as a doorway to intimacy
– Breathing practices to do together
– Time for group reflection and enquiry

All the above are practical ways to create deeper intimacy inside of your relationship and with yourself. If you have any questions please contact Carly Or you can book online here

We look forward to hearing from you.

Warm wishes,

Carly and James

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Encounters with Angels

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“Even if I don’t ever see it again — or ever feel it,
I know that it is — and that if once it hailed me
it ever does –” ~ Marie Howe

How do we experience Angels? What names do we give for those presences in our lives that we cannot see but can on some level feel?

To end the year, we have a very special candlelit Poetry Dive on Angels. The poems will explore encounters with that which is beyond and a part of the mystery of our lives and will also explore, the very varied ways in which poets depict and refer to angels.

I am delighted to welcome guest speaker, John Hillman my Teacher, Guide and Friend who first introduced me to poetry.

We hope this will be a unique and atmospheric dive to enliven your senses and nourish your being.

Advanced booking click here to book £16 per person. There is one assisted place at £8 if anyone is struggling with money and would like a reduction please email me

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Carly MountainEncounters with Angels

Fire Moon – A Summer Poetry Dive 30th June 6.30-9pm

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Join me as we cross the threshold of summer into the dance of your inner fire and moon, the yin and yang, shiva and shakti? By feeling these aspects within us both the dance of their harmony or disharmony and to feel it consciously, welcoming it all, is one doorway into our life full-ness. Using poetry, dance, voice, writing and good company we will follow the flow of the dive to explore the union and relationship of opposites and see what unfolds….

So far since I have been honing the craft of these events all the Poetry Dives I have held have been donation based in aid of charity.  Unfortunately, that is not sustainable forever and so from this dive onwards I will be charging for dives at a starting price of £15. However, to keep it as inclusive as possible there will be 2 reduced price places per dive (£8) for anyone who is struggling to afford to come. If you wish to take advantage of this offer please email me

Otherwise to book your place simply click here to book Book online

I hope to see you there

Carly x

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Carly MountainFire Moon – A Summer Poetry Dive 30th June 6.30-9pm

Moving From the Heart – Yoga based workshop at Yoga Kula Leeds

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I enjoyed teaching this workshop so much earlier this year I am offering it again. This time at Yoga Kula in Leeds you can book here. So come and nourish yourself with an afternoon of heart lead hatha flow yoga, poetry and yoga nidra. Both yoga and poetry can be practices of intimacy which can lead us into the unknown or unheard realms of our being. When we uncover these less familiar aspects of ourselves we can start to feel and re-member them as a part of us.

In this workshop we will dive into the heart center as the doorway to this listening. We will work with a fluid yoga sequence that moves from the heart into relationship with the whole body. Inviting us to open and close, reach out and draw inwards, exploring the landscapes of the heart and the wisdom held within.

So often yoga workshops prioritise opening the heart, but there is a maturity in recognising that the close is equally as valuable as the open. This sequence lends itself to both of these polarities the reaching out and the turning inwards as well. The sequence includes balances, backbends, forward bends and twists and is combined with a beautiful soundscape to evoke your emotional and physical bodies. Thereby inviting you to feel how they interweave into expansion and return until eventually winding down to a heart lead yoga nidra to finish.

Booking via Mindbody here

“Your hand opens and closes and opens and closes.

If it were always a fist or always stretched open,

you would be paralysed.

Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding,

the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated

as birdwings.”

~ Rumi translated Coleman Barks


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Carly MountainMoving From the Heart – Yoga based workshop at Yoga Kula Leeds

Awakening – A Springtime Poetry Dive Saturday April 21st

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Join me for this springtime poetry dive. Spring is a time for burgeoning life and also the fragility of newness. Seasonal change can bring such a mixture of feelings and experiences both within and externally. This dive will give time to turn towards whatever is unfurling within you in a shared and supportive circle.

Saturday 21st April at 5.45pm – 8.45pm at Sharrow Performing Arts Space

This is a donation based evening and all profits will be donated to Mums In Need a local domestic abuse organisation which supports mums who have left emotionally/mentally abusive relationships that want to rebuild their lives. This is a great organisation and I would be grateful for any donations which we can pass onto them to support their valuable work.

Pre booking essentail to book please email Hope to see you there!


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Carly MountainAwakening – A Springtime Poetry Dive Saturday April 21st

Verse Matters Wednesday 7th March In Celebration of International Womens Day

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I am excited to be speaking some of my own poetry at Verse Matters this Wednesday 7th March at the Theatre Deli Sheffield.

This is the description from their website –

Verse Matters is an intersectional feminist arts collective based in Sheffield, founded by Rachel Bower. Verse Matters runs events at The Moor Theatre Deli in Sheffield and provides a supportive space for poetry, spoken word, storytelling, music and comedy, showcasing the work of talented people in a friendly, safe environment. Each event has a mix of experienced and new performers.

Events are always open to all. Each night includes two featured artists, and an open mic session with six performers (five minutes each). The structure is non-hierarchical, and door profits are split between performers.

Verse Matters was set up to attest to the structural inequalities in society and the arts. To remember that ‘women’s rights’ are diminished without racial equality and economic justice. To bring people together in solidarity. To create a forum for debate, challenge and pleasure.

Some of our performers tell stories that have been erased by society: refugees, detainees, prisoners. Others might read a page of their favourite book, speaking in public for the first time. Others are experienced poets, puppeteers, dramatists and performers. All are respected and appreciated.

These times call for solidarity and for resistance. We need outlets through which to articulate our anger, our sadness, our joy. Verse Matters exists to provide this space.

This is a special Verse Matters in collaboration with SHE Fest a fringe festival in Sheffield that celebrates International Women’s Day and I am delighted to be involved.

Come down and bring your friends.


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Carly MountainVerse Matters Wednesday 7th March In Celebration of International Womens Day

Leading from the Heart – Poetry Dive

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If your heart had a voice what would it set as an intention or hearts prayer for 2018? This poetry dive will centre around the heart, listening to the wisdom of the heart, your hearts longings and losses, desires and strength. This is an opportunity to set time aside to turn towards whatever is arising for you at the start of the year in conscious transition into 2018.We will move, dance, sound and dive into poetry, music, writing and sharing.

Whilst I continue to feel into and hone the craft of offering poetry dives this event will once again be donation based. All proceeds will go to the SHE College Fund a wonderful charity set up by my Teacher Kim Rosen.

Pre booking essential, to book please email me I would be delighted if you can join me.


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Carly MountainLeading from the Heart – Poetry Dive

NEW! Evening Course for January 2018

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Dance your way into 2018 with this new yoga course Deepening Your Relationship With Practice.

You may be relatively new to yoga and wish to invest more time and energy into it, or you may have practiced for years and feel that you have hit a wall that you cannot shift. Making a commitment to the same class for 6 weeks can really help to create a greater consistency and depth that will support your practice. The practice taught in this course is physical but is based in the yogic principles of connection and integration. If the arm moves why does it move, where does it move from and what else is affected? As we continue to awaken to the multiplicity of connections within our physical body, we can discover new possibilities that can be directly experienced not only through the physical but also in our mind, energy and emotions. During these 6 weeks we will;

– learn a flowing vinyasa sequence centered around natarajasana (Lord of the Dance pose) that we will repeat and play with feeling how it resonates in us over time

– freeing the hips (as the seat of the spine and central gateway of the body) and spine (the central pillar of your body)

– the freedom to move and express our inner dance moment by moment

This course requires a willingness to lean into the unknown, to balance and fall, play, dance and explore. Curiosity essential! Places limited early booking recommended £48 for 6 weeks. Click here to book

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Carly MountainNEW! Evening Course for January 2018

Women’s Full Moon Retreat Day

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Join me on Sunday 3rd December for the last Full Moon of 2017 to consciously welcome in the end of the year and reflect on the months gone by…..

Once upon a time it was commonplace for people to have parties, hold rituals, make love and dance under the light of the full moon. The moon offers a different kind of light to the sun, a light that can illuminate deep feelings, longings and directions that are not always visible in the bright light of day. This Women’s Retreat day will give space to stir the cauldron of your inner being, to uncover, nourish and behold whatever needs to be felt, celebrated and released as we journey towards the end of the year. Through yoga, dance, poetry and creative reflection we can liberate our inner most expression and evoke and nourish the inner landscapes of our being.

We will begin the day with meditation and yoga followed by lunch and a sumptuous and restful yoga nidra. In the afternoon, we will work with dance, poetry and reflective work in partners and in circle. You do not have to have any knowledge or experience of working with poetry before. Like movement practices, poetry is a form which can cut through to the heart of things, thereby taking us beyond our habitual patterns and awaken us to fresh experience and perspectives.

“At night, I open the window
and ask the moon to come
and press its face into mine.
Breathe into me.

Close the language-door,
and open the love-window.

The moon won’t use the door,
only the window.

– Rumi translated by Coleman Barks

A wonderful way to spend the last full moon of the year, clearing a pathway towards 2018.

Date: Sunday 3rd December

At: Instinctive Health, Kelham Island, Sheffield

Time: 10.30 – 5.30pm

Cost: £28 early bird if booked by November 5th £35 thereafter.

To book click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page

Note: Anyone interested in signing up for the new Year 1 Butterfly group starting in January, this retreat will have a flavour of the butterfly work and would be a good opportunity for you to experience the space I hold and feel into if it is the course for you. You can find out about Butterfly course dates and content on the Butterfly page. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get intouch. 


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Carly MountainWomen’s Full Moon Retreat Day