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Holy Wings

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Holy Wings

The dark cocoon of heartbreak is vital ground.

Through that devastated shipwreck appear the wings of spirit.

The second birth canal,

whose rivers deliver us back to the heart of it all.


In the ruthless light of day,

One bridge burns,

And we are no longer our fathers daughters.

The stretcher we wake up on carries us through the thickets of soul towards a new beyond.


Heartbreak for one, becomes a grieving for the whole world.

Our embryonic heartbeats,

compel us to build new bridges,

Bridges that hum to the song.


We remember,

and our footsteps tough the ground tenderly in their authority.


The bridge to God is built through a sincere heart,

And no heart is more sincere,

than that of the unwitting warrior who has found her yes,

who cannot possibly remain folded.


She who being broken in two is delivered back into one with everything.

– Carly Mountain

Carly MountainHoly Wings

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