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The Yoga of Melancholy

on December 15, 2013 No comments

There have been an uncanny number of students but also friends recently speaking to me about feeling sad. So, its a change of season which often brings about life changes and some have expressed personal events as the cause but others don’t seem to know why they are feeling what they are feeling……

I don’t believe collective occurences happen just by accident they happen for a reason. Sadness connects.

This short cartoon TED talk is great. It speaks of the value of sadness. And how we can connect through it. A part of yoga practice is how we embody and actualise what practice teaches us in day to day life. So reach out to someone through what you feel. Make connections, allow the changes taking place in you be seen. Natural inspiration, natural connection this is what we are cultivating.

Carly MountainThe Yoga of Melancholy